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The Family Law Coach

The Family Law Coach has over 10years of Family Law experience. For the last 8Yrs, he has helped others through the Court System with fantastic results! Now he can help you!

The Premium Service that gives you extra for the best price!

Includes "Life Coaching" in this instance it is "Family Court Coaching" After you finish working with the Coach you can become self-sufficient in all things Family Law."

95% of clients agree that after going through this life-changing and negative experience, they have got to the other side stronger mentally than they thought they would be.  

This service gives you a 2 Year Return to Court for NO EXTRA COST! * Should you get the order you want or not, you will have 2 Years to return should the other party not comply with the Order The Family Law Coach will return to court with you to "Enforce" the order.

Court Attendance (Physical and Virtual)

£2000 covers your complete case. Full document completion.

Full emotional support.

* 6 to 10-month payment plans available * £250 Per Month

This service is market-leading!

We will work on these specific aspects of your life.

  1. Dating/ relationships
  2. Confidence/ self-belief
  3. Self-love
  4. Motivation
  5. Energy level
  6. Personal development