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Fathers Rights UK Official McKenzie Friend Service (No Enforcement Promise)

A McKenzie Friend accompanies a litigant in Court to provide moral support. They may also take notes, help the Litigant find the correct papers, advise questions to ask witnesses, etc. However, they cannot speak for the Litigant or run the case for them.

Anyone involved in a court case in England and Wales is entitled to represent themselves. They do not have to instruct a Solicitor or Barrister to act for them, and often the price puts these options out of reach. If you are representing yourself, you are called a 'Litigant in Person'

As a Litigant in Person, you are entitled to support and have the right to be accompanied in court. As a Litigant in Person, your support can be obtained from a fee paid 'McKenzie Friend' who can not only attend you in court but also guide you through that process. Using a McKenzie Friend keeps costs low but gives you the valuable support you need when you need it most.

Here at Fathers Rights UK Official, we believe that Family Law should be affordable to all. We are now recognised as England & Wales best value McKenzie Friend, Family Law Consultancy Service. Our standard Service still wipes the floor in terms of Low-cost experts assisting in children and financial cases relating to divorce and separation. Fathers Rights UK Official have teamed up with The Applewotzit to make an unbeatable team. 

Before The Applewotzit experienced Family Breakdown, he never realised as a Father to a beautiful child that will always be known as #PrincessApple; he had no rights! 

He had to work the Family Law System out alone, he was getting guidance from Fathers4Justice and had Matt O'Conner as his McKenzie Friend. As most people will know, F4J do not have the best reputation and this had almost cost him his case. He ditched Matt and #F4J and began working out the Family Law minefield. He soon learnt as many of you know will have learnt in most cases, it is the husband/dad that is left fighting for contact with the kids.

The Applewotzit has an unorthodox approach that proves very successful for 1000s of parents (Men & Women), meaning that we protect your children's mental well-being and yourself. 

You do NOT need to pay over the odds for a solicitor. The Applewotzit supports separated parents through the UK's family court system with a sincere, real and raw approach with a 75% success rate of managing the clients expectations and advising for the best possible outcome.

To understand the role of a Mckenzie Friend, please click the below link:

Thw Applewotzit has supported Parents and Grandparents in over 1800 hearings in family matters since 2008. This service offers you one of the most experienced McKenzie Friends in England and Wales with 20 years of background knowledge in children's issues and public law cases.

Fathers being Denied Contact with their Children.

One of the most common legal issues facing fathers following a relationship breakdown is the denial of access to their children.  If your former partner refuses to allow you to see your children, the Family Law Coach has the expertise and experience to ensure you and your child's rights are protected. He has completed 41 Family Law CPD Courses over the last eight years, giving official accreditation's in Family Law. Currently, the Family Law Coach is in Paralegal training. So you are effectively getting a highly skilled professional that benefits from the lived experience and accredited Family Law Qualifications.

With this service, you are getting the knowledge and know-how of the Paralegal level at McKenzie Friend pricing. The Applewotzit has been completing a number of Family Law Modules as set by a umber of accredited educational boards including The Open University.    

One of the most common complaints of fathers caught up in the family law system is that no one truly listens to them and their needs.  When fighting for your rights as a father, the Applewotzit and his team will take the time to hear your story and advise you on the best course of action to restore your parental rights. 

Unmarried Fathers Rights.

In general terms, a mother is automatically presumed to have "parental responsibility" for her children whether or not she is married to the father.  For births registered in England or Wales; as a father, you have parental responsibility if:

  • The child's birth was registered on or after 1st December 2003, and you are named on the birth certificate as the father.
  • If the child was born before that time with no father listed on the birth certificate, but the birth was later re-registered with you named as the father.
  • If you and the child's mother sign a Parental Responsibility Agreement.
  • If you marry the child's mother.
  • If the Court grants you an Order giving you parental responsibility.

Suppose you have separated from the mother of your child/children and need support and advice to establish where you stand concerning Child Arrangement Orders and contact with your children. In that case.

Suppose you are concerned about the care arrangements made for your children or feel you are being denied contact or excluded from making decisions surrounding their schooling or where they reside. In that case, we will fight in your corner to ensure your wishes are heard.  By engaging the Applewotzit and his team of Court Consultants will assert your rights as a father, you can be confident that any issues you have will be resolved as expediently as possible.

With this service, not only will you get all the coaching you will need to get through the Family Law, The Applewotzit will give extra focus on what matters most across the three big life domains of – self, relationships and work. You will receive mentoring for life. The Applewotzit knows that when you first enter this process losing your child or children changes you, and you lose your inner confidence. The Applewoitzit  Coach will be focusing on what matters most in improving your own Mental Health.


Listening to an individual's needs, and Mentoring in the tools/ awareness necessary to facilitate change; and Mentoring to promote and maintain a flourishing and sustainable whole of life balance.

The Applewotzit enables men to be equipped for the rapid-fire intensity of life over the short and long term. His approach draws upon the best and latest research into Wellness Coaching, partnered with the latest neuroscience techniques to provide truly transformational programs to enable men to take responsibility for their vision of a better way of living.

In this instance, you will pay £215 to the courts to complete your application to the Court—payment Direct to the courts. A team member will support you to complete your application online.

Court Attendance (Nationwide)

£1500 covers your full case. (Promo Price until September 31st 2021 Normal Cost £1700 no Enforcement promise)

Full document completion.

The first Month Paid in Advance.

Full emotional support. (24/7)

* 6 / 18 month payment plans available *

This service is market-leading!

Market-leading deals -  confidence in his service.

The Applewotzit offers a 12 Month Enforcement Promise.  This means should you have to make an application to Court to Enforce the Order that you have been served. You pay the initial £215 Court fees and the rest is covered by us. That's right, we will compete the whole Enforcement at "No Extra Cost!" For this service, you pay a fixed price of £2000 covering you for the entire case cover, from the cradle to the grave, beginning to end all in! Paperwork completion, emotional support, liaising with the relevant authorities doing the job for you to solicitor standard. The Coach Family Law coach will give you what solicitors and many others do not do. He gives you a 12 Month Warranty Window.