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Advice & Support

Advice & Support. 

Talking is what we do, and it can keep you alive! Some times we want some advice regarding your relationship. Our business is your business advice and support are the foundations of our existence. Unlike other Mckenzie Friend services, we offer ongoing free advice and support when booked in 30 minute times slots. Our time best spent is guiding and supporting others. We give constant ongoing direction to those who want it—our time best spent listening and understanding your concerns and queries. 

We are one of the few services that offer market-leading aftercare. Just because your case finishes does not mean that you will have all your problems answered. We offer a lifetime guarantee of service of ongoing Advice and Support.  

Our Advice and Support Consultancy Service provides expert advice and case direction in all Family Law areas, including Social Care. We offer practical advice, support and guidance on all aspects of the family court system and can guide you through the process in your case to help you achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

You matter to us; helping others when they need it is what keeps us alive and the circle growing. Many of our team joined after being supported by an existing team member they currently support. Our expansion relies on the success in the cases' we have managed or continue to manage. Nothing is more satisfying than learning that we have guided individuals to success from multiple conversations, sometimes the answer is already in you, but a conversation can spark a wave of knowledge.  

This journey is life-changing. Male suicide is on the increase. The news stories in the media speak for themselves. The Applewotzit has been homeless after the break-up of his marriage. He was lucky enough to be pulled out of the gutter and guided to a more robust state of mind supporting his emotional well-being, thus improving his mental health. Please do not misunderstand; in no way was he fixed mentally. He had just learnt how to cope and decompartmentalise through managing his mind and beginning to understand life from a broader perspective. He surrounded himself with positive, like-minded people who would challenge many great mental philosophies. The Applewotzit soon learned that education is power, learning about different cultures, religions, cultures, and philosophies then found where he is now today. He's Still broken; anyone who goes through this will be spoiled for the rest of their lives—having to fight to be in our children's lives and only being in their lives for part of the time you miss so much and would change any person. But somehow, through talking about your feelings and making mistakes along the way that we would put down to lessons learned. We have saved so many lives, but for everyone that has been lost has been one too many. Does the ex-partner of the dead dad still blame him enough o keep his children away from him?

Do not suffer in silence and call 07383 188307 or email